With a Paralegal Bachelor Degree Online What Jobs Can I Qualify for?

Earning a paralegal bachelor degree online can be your key to a plethora of job openings around the country, working for a variety of different types of companies in any number of fields. See for yourself… go to a major job search engine such as Monster and search under paralegal and you will likely find over 600 jobs available at any given time. In September of 2011, I conducted a Monster search and found 658 jobs, and five of them paid over $100,000! And quite a few of these postings listed a range in the $90,000s.

Some of these jobs, which pay far beyond the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics average for paralegals, did not even list any required education, citing five years of experience as the apparent minimum to earning really high end money. However, a great many of the jobs did want a bachelor's degree, again reinforcing the value of a paralegal bachelor degree online. It is interesting to note that of all the jobs I looked at, not a single one required a master's or PhD in any field.

What Jobs Are Out There

Paralegal jobs seem to come in two types, paralegal and paralegal manager. They are further divided up by the type of field the work will be in. Most of the jobs on Monster are corporate jobs, working in the legal department of large corporations or as a legal assistant in a dedicated law firm. But the world of the paralegal also offers some interesting areas of work that you may not have considered, allowing you to merge an interest in law with another interest. For example, one high paying job that I saw was seeking someone who was a paralegal but bilingual in both English and Japanese. Another job wanted someone with graphics design experience as well as paralegal skills. A number of jobs were for real estate paralegals, offering an excellent opportunity for someone moving out of the field of real estate into something more dependable, or someone already trained as a paralegal but considering moving into real estate.

Many of the paralegal jobs are also in financial areas. There are jobs actually on Wall Street and with various mutual fund houses and brokerage firms. Other jobs are in intellectual property rights, an interesting career for someone interested in inventions or the arts.

How Should I Search

As you consider what online degrees are worth it, start with a job search. Most of the job titles for paralegals actually had the term "paralegal" right in the job title, usually simply with more added. For example, search for "paralegal" and you will find "litigation paralegal," "corporate paralegal," "bilingual paralegal wanted" and so on. This is perhaps one of the easiest fields to search because the term is so well used and accepted. After you earn your paralegal bachelor degree online you will step into a world of myriad job opportunities, with something suiting nearly every interest.

Have you started looking at paralegal jobs?

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