Help the World, One Person at a Time - Earn an Online Psychology Degree

An online psychology degree will allow you to join a developing and exciting field aimed at helping people live happily. Feel the gratification of helping the world, one person at a time.

A Noble Profession
Psychologists help patients to alleviate their mental distress. With a psychology degree you will enhance the well-being of your patients by helping them alleviate depression, understand and handle schizophrenia, or lighten the burden of less severe yet still difficult life situation such as grief, family issues or divorce. A partnership between a psychologist and his/her patient can be life changing for someone willing to seek help. A psychologist uses documented and tested processes to create a customized treatment plan for each patient.

Choose Your Specialization
There are many types of psychology specializations that you can pursue. You may wonder what online degrees are acceptable in the field of psychology. The answer is simply - all of them:

  • Clinical psychologists handle severe problems (schizophrenia, depression).
  • Counseling psychologists aid with decision-making struggles in an individual practice setting, in a crisis center, or in an educational institution.
  • Developmental psychologists specialize in mental health issues brought on by life changes such as advancement through childhood, entrance into midlife or retirement.
  •  Forensic psychologists, often the subject of television programs and books, aid in solving crimes or assisting judges and juries understand criminal motivations.
  • Industrial/organizational psychologists  study the impact of the work environment on employees.
  • School psychologists  study educational environment on students .

What Will I Study with an Online Psychology Degree?
While pursing your online psychology degree you will learn the scientific methods that are used to analyze a patient's mental distress, make a diagnosis, and perform treatment. You will learn the process for psychoanalysis and how to put that process into practice.

Embarking on Your Career
While you can begin your psychology practice after two years of graduate study including a master's thesis and some practical experience, most psychologists complete a doctorate program as well. A doctorate is achieved after five years (full time) of post graduate studies including an original dissertation and real life experience. It is also important to note that clinical psychology is one of the most sought after degrees, and can help you get one of the highest paying jobs with an online degree.

Each state has its own regulations for licensing psychologists but most require a doctorate from an accredited school, practical experience under the supervision of other psychologists, and the passing of a formal exam.

Why Should I Get an Online Psychology Degree?
If you have a passion for helping people and are patient and understanding, you have a good chance for success in the psychology field. This field has grown significantly within the last century, and what once was stigmatized is now acceptable and the norm. People now realize that they don't have to be challenged by emotional issues and that experienced professionals can help. You can be one of those qualified professionals.

Your online degree in  psychology  can make your education accessible from your preferred location. Study at home. Learn at the coffee shop. You can even participate in a class while you are traveling. While online colleges and universities make degrees accessible and simple, they are not easy. You will be part of a rigorous and self-satisfying program of study. But, you will be able to make it easy on yourself by not having to commit to being in a classroom at a particular time, in a particular place. An online psychology degree is at your fingertips.

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