Show the World How the Past Impacts the Future with an Online History Degree

Well, an online history degree can take your fascination with the past and transform it into a rewarding future. If you find yourself reading books about past events and people, or watching documentaries on our evolved history, you can turn that interest into a career.

It is commonly accepted that history repeats itself and that past patterns are an indication of what the future holds. This is one reason it is important to understand past events and historians are the ones who hold this knowledge.  Historians research records, conduct interviews, read historical documents, perform field studies of historical sights, and communicate their findings. Your enrollment in an online history degree program will teach you how to acquire historical documentation, interpret its data and report your findings to a target audience, be it administrators, a group of students, or readers of a historical journal.

What to Do with a History Degree
With your online degree you can follow a path to becoming an influential teacher. History is taught throughout our educational systems and historians are commonly employed as education professionals. Yet there are many other professional options for those who have earned an online history degree. Many government jobs require a history background including public administration or advisor positions. Historians are employed as museum directors, archivists and even library scientists. Many historians also hone their writing skills so they can publish articles and books regarding topics of their research.

Prepare to Cover an Array of Topics

As an online history student you will study a wide range of historical events. Your general courses will typically focus on the evolution of American, European, and world civilizations. Further into your studies you will learn more about particular historical events in the United States, Europe, and the world.

If your interests lie with the teaching profession, you will most likely pursue a graduate degree in history. An online history degree student can pursue an education at the MA or PhD level. These students narrow their topic of study with common concentrations on American history or European history, although it is possible to choose a different world region as a focus. Once the doctoral level is reached, students usually refine their studies further by acquiring more in-depth knowledge regarding their chosen MA concentration plus conducting research and writing on a specific topic within that concentration for their PhD dissertation. A PhD degree often involves coursework, an exam or exams, an original dissertation, and sometimes teacher training. Doctoral students often strive to publish works in professional journals, a fete which makes them more marketable in the industry.

History Online?

How exciting it is to be able to juxtapose the study of ancient documents with modern technology. If only Voltaire had a PC or George Washington had a blog. Imagine the benefits of studying from anywhere your computer can go and the Internet is accessible. Your online history degree might be the flexible piece that pushes you from a B student to an "A" student. Getting an online degree in history might be just the ticket to your future success. Your time is precious and that hour that you spend studying online rather than commuting to and from a classroom might give you the edge you need to get that "A".

Are you a history buff who has studied in an online history degree class?

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