Online Law Degree Schools

Choosing An Online Law Degree Program

The Oldest Online Law School In The Country

Northwestern California University Law School provides an education that is quality as well as affordable. They offer three degrees: A Bachelor of Science in Law, the Juris Doctor and certificate and non-certificate programs in the paralegal field. There are over 700 students currently enrolled in this prestigious school. Northwest California University School of law is the oldest online law school in the country, and is incredibly well respected.

Law Degree Program That Is 100 Percent Online

Abraham Lincolm University (ALU) offers a law degree program that is 100 percent online. It is highly convenient and flexible, allowing you to learn wherever you have Internet access. ALU is also really affordable. To apply to ALU, you'll need an undergraduate degree, a resume and to pass an assessment test, which is given online. And, lucky thing, LSATS are not required for admissions to Abraham Lincoln University. Through their four year Juris program, you'll be able to sit for the California Bar Exam and start practicing law. You can view a sample online law degree lecture easily.

Online Bachelor Degree Of Science In Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

Enroll in South University's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement program and give yourself the opportunity to study law enforcement operations, investigation techniques and criminal law. You'll need a high school diploma or the equivalent to enter this program. Let me tell you, if you're interested in going after a career in homeland security or law enforcement and you don't yet have a bachelor's degree, you should seriously consider checking out South University. You'll enjoy a curriculum that has lots of courses specializing not only in law enforcement but also in math, humanities, personal development, science and social science. Some of the Law Enforcement Specialization courses include Community Policing, Terrorism and Homeland Security, Ciminalistics, Deviant Behavior, Illegal Immigration and the Criminal Justice System, Family Violence, Crime Scene Investigation, Cyber Crime, Serial Killers, and lots more. You'll also be able to earn internship credits toward your Online Law Degree.

The Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy, a Christian school, prepares its students to practice law within a Biblical framework. Their Juris Doctor program consists of four years of legal study. Coursework during the first year includes lectures in contracts, criminal law, legal research, torts and Biblical and historical foundations.

South University also has opportunities for those who have their Bachelor's degree. You can get a Master's Degree in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice or Criminal Justice Administration. Some entry level positions you could try out upon graduation include becoming a police officer, a security guard or a probations officer.

A Online Master Of Science In Criminal Justice

Kaplan University offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. A Bachelor's degree is required for admission. You'll be able to pursue high level opportunities in the field of criminal justice. This program is suitable for those who wish to work in law enforcement, the military, the CIA or FBI, forensics, security and much more.

You could also try Walden University's online law degree programs. Go for a Master of the Public Administration (M.P.A.) and specialize in such fields as Criminal Justice, Homeland Security Policy, Law and Public Policy, Policy Analysis, Interdisciplinary Policy Studies and others. Reach your potential; get your M.P.A. and prepare yourself for a successful career as in public service.

The University of Honolulu School of Law was founded in 1992 in Modesto, California and focuses on giving a quality education to those who wish to take the California Bar Exam. You should have an undergraduate degree and have at least a B average to get into this school. Here are some of the courses you can expect to take within the first year: Legal Analysis and Writing, Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law and Introduction to Law.

Juris Doctor Degree Completely Online

Concord Law School, the first to offer a Juris Doctor degree completely online, provides a rigorous curriculum and the flexibility that you need. Their doors are always open; the curriculum is available 24 hour hours a day, every day. Their standards are high; you must have a bachelor's degree to apply and their education is equal to the most demanding traditional schools. The law programs offered online by Concord include the Juris Doctor (JD) program, a four year, part time program, the Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) program, which is a three year, part time program and the Small Business Practice LLM program, designed for practicing attorneys and recent graduates.

Within the Juris Doctor program, students meet regularly in study groups for support either online or over the phone. Upon graduation, you'll be able to analyze legal problems, research laws that apply, develop an effective strategy and fully represent a client.

The Executive Juris Doctor program is open to those who hold a bachelor's degree or above. This program will give you a full understanding of law as well as sharpen your mind. It's designed for those who want to further their career but not necessarily practice law.

Graduate Online Law Degree Program For Attorneys

The Small Business Practice LLM program is a graduate Online Law Degree program for attorneys who want to gain expertise in a specific area of law. Some of the courses available through this program include business torts, taxation of small businesses, electronic contracting, E-commerce, law practice management and others.

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