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We are so happy to have you here, sharing some time with us as we all take a journey into the world of online education and distance learning! Earning your degree online is an exciting, yet sometimes harrowing experience, but we hope that with our guidance and support it will be that much easier!

Let us introduce ourselves: this website was created by Yoseph, online student from Brooklyn, and Becca Dawn, an online professor from Detroit. Together, we have experience on both sides of the fence, so to speak, thoroughly understanding the world of online student and online instructor. Let us tell you a bit more about ourselves and our desire to help you earn your degree online.

Becca Dawn is an intelligent woman who earned her bachelor's degree at a traditional brick and mortar school. She then went on to earn her master's and PhD online. Earning her first master's degree in business online in the 1990s, Becca has seen distance learning come of age.

Once her education was completed with a PhD in education and she was anointed Dr. Becca, she embarked on a career on the other side of the computer, helping students earn their own online degree. Becca lives a quiet life with her partner, their young son, and a menagerie of dogs, cats and pocket pets - a bit of a contrast to Yoseph's traditional world! But that's what makes our world exciting, the diversity and options that are inherent in everything around us - even our educations!

Yoseph is a young husband and father of three; comes from a large, traditional, Jewish family who has always instilled in him a passion for learning. In his quest to balance his deeply rooted religion, extensive family life with his personal desire to earn an advanced degree, Yoseph discovered the amazing opportunities inherent to distance education. In between the hours spent working to earn a living, working to create this website, and playing with his three young children (all four and under) Yoseph is currently pursuing his own degree online, working to earn his master's of psychology. Yoseph brings with him the perspective of a student who recently struggled to find his way into online education, now having a firm understanding of the uniqueness of this type of educational adventure.

Your Online Degree is YOUR website!

What that means is that this website is all about you, the budding online student. We, Yoseph and Becca, just created it based on a shared desire to help others learn from what we have already experienced or may have had to learn the hard way. With this website our goal is to be there for you in every way possible, anticipating your questions as well as answering questions that you did not even think to ask! Helping to pave your way to successfully earning your online degree is our passion.

We've already gotten a great start on our ambitious plan to create this website to educate the world about distance education. But of course, we still have work to do. Our FAQ section and our articles pages are constantly growing, so be sure to check back frequently to see what new information we will reveal. If you have specific questions that we have not answered on our site feel free to CONTACT US. As we said, this site is for you and we need your help to build it! So grab a glass of water, juice, soda or whatever you prefer. Put your mouse in your other hand and kick up your feet, then sit back and read. We have a ton of information for you - everything you need to feel prepared to find an online degree, get started with your distance education and complete the e-degree successfully!

Welcome to our site!

Yoseph and Becca

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