Earn a Law Degree Online

Online Law Degree

You may be surprised to learn that you can earn a law degree online! Online law schools attract a diverse student population, and whether you want to advance on your current career path by continuing your education or being a second career, law school may be what you're looking for, and obtaining your online law degree is a flexible and affordable way to do just that.

Distance learning has become increasingly popular and virtually any subject can be learned via the Internet these days. Law, a field that used to only be available to those in large cities, is no exception. However, there are some important things to know about obtaining an online law degree.

Can You Get A Law Degree Online?

When choosing an online law degree program to go with, consider these facts that I'll share with you here:

There is currently no online law degree school that is accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), and 49 states require that graduates have a degree accredited by the ABA to take the bar exam. The bar exam is necessary to actually practice law. The one state that allows those who earn a law degree online to sit for the bar exam is California. If you're living in California or choose to move there, you'll be able to practice law there with your online law degree. After you've worked for a few years, it might be possible to work in other states.

To become a lawyer in California, first complete your pre-law education. Most law students have a bachelor's degree. What you should have a bachelor's degree in will depend on the type of lawyer you want to become. If you would like to be :

  • A Criminal lawyer, consider studying sociology and psychology.
  • A business lawyer may have a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting or management.
  • A tort lawyer may decide to study engineering or chemistry.
  • Then, attend the online law school of your choice to earn a law degree online. Some possibilities include Northwestern California University, Southern California University for Professional Studies and the California School of Law. After completing your education there, register with the State Bar of California. You must pass a test that will cover contracts, torts and criminal law, as well as an evaluation proving that you have a good moral character. You've got to be a good person to become a lawyer! Provide fingerprints and references to a committee, who will also talk to your online law school, your former employees and check up on any criminal records that you may have.

    After all of this, you may try your hand at the California Bar Exam. It consists of three days of practical and essay questions. After you've passed the bar, you'll be eligible to practice law in the state of California.
    After practicing there for a five to seven years depending on the state, you may be able to practice in other states, though you will have to take their bar exams. You also have the option of enrolling in a Master of Law program that is accredited by the American Bar Association, or practicing law in federal courts only. A bar license from California will allow you to practice law in any federal court in the country.

    Any law school is going to be challenging. Why don't you make things a little easier on yourself by earning your degree through an online law degree school?

    Even if you're a married mom with a bunch of little kids and a full time job, you'll be able to earn a online law degree . If it's been your dream to become a lawyer or a public servant, you can definitely realize your dreams without even leaving the comforts of your own home.
    Earn a Law Degree Online at a place that is accessible, affordable and flexible, and start practicing law before you know it!

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