Getting your degree: Four reasons why online education is the right choice

"Why online education?" is a question that we have often been asked when people inquire about our online courses. The answer is as simple as "convenience" and yet as complicated as "life" all at the same time. Choosing to embark on any educational program can be a life altering endeavor. Learning can be fun, to be sure, but for most of us it represents a challenge. This challenge may be welcome, but it can also be daunting when we consider not only the intellectual challenge of learning a new skill or advancing our existing skills in our current field, but also the challenge of making a commitment to pursuing this advanced education.

In short, it can be challenging to fit a college program into your already over scheduled life. However, earning a college degree is such a valuable and laudable goal that finding a way to make it work is simply paramount to your future career success and your personal sense of self accomplishment. This is where online education comes in. With online education you can get your degree online fast, if you do not mind an accelerated program. You also have a wide variety of degrees to choose from. While the reasons to pursue your education in general are innumerable, there are four specific reasons why opting for online education can be the best choice for you.

Reason #1: Online education is convenient

In today's fast passed world we are all pulled in a hundred different directions at the same time. In the midst of meeting a deadline at work, running the kids to soccer practice, picking up something special for that birthday dinner, and, of course, trying to eat or tie your shoes, fitting in driving to school and sitting in class can seem an impossible dream. But while technology has changed our world and made us all feel busier, it has also opened up new avenues and provided new ways to accomplish things. Now with a computer and an Internet connection (or a local wi-fi hotspot) you can take your classes online. No driving to school. No fighting for a parking space. No sitting in class or dragging a backpack down crowded hallways. Just sit in front of your computer and interact with other busy adults who want to learn from their professors, their text books and each other.

Reason #2: Online education is eco-friendly

Speaking of not driving to school and searching for a parking space, online education saves you from having to drive anywhere. Thus, it saves wear and tear on your car, saves you gas money, and keeps you from sending those CO2 emissions out your car's tailpipe. In short, e-learning is environmentally friendly! Often, even your books can be read online. So, save the trees!

Reason #3: Online education leaves you more time for friends, family and hobbies

So, still wondering, "Why online education?" Another reason is that with online education you learn right at home. This means you do not waste time getting ready to go to class or sitting in class. Sure, you still have to spend time doing the work - you are not buying a degree. But you spend much less time working from your home office in your pajamas then going to traditional school. Also, it's easy to take a quick study break to let the dog out or spend time with someone special. 

Reason #4: Online learning offers amazing opportunities for engagement and reflection

On our road to answer the question, "Why online education," we have looked at saving time and energy. Now, we focus more on what you will learn. Two great features of online education are its asynchronous nature (everyone being able to be online whenever they want, not at the same time) means that you have time to consider what others have written in class and reflect on that before you post a response. You get to assimilate knowledge as you go along. Also, you get to engage with other students more than in a traditional course, by posting online in discussion areas. This is a real benefit in graduate learning where many of your peers will have great work experience to share.

Overall, when considering going back to school, you might think, "Why online education?" The answer is that online education is simply an excellent way to improve yourself personally and prepare yourself for future career success. So do not delay; start looking into schools today and get started on a path that will change your life!

Have you already begun classes online, perhaps starting to test the waters of online education?

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