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When it comes to online learning, you can find a lot of online students success articles across the Internet, at least in terms of reading about how positive an experience online education is. But do you really get the entire story? Maybe. The Internet is a great place to learn about things, but remember that much of what you read is written by people who are just regurgitating what they have read elsewhere. Here, at Your Online Degree, you can be assured that you are reading accurate, timely information from a current online student (Yoseph), and an experienced online student and instructor (Dr. Becca Dawn). Your Online Degree is your one stop place for online students success articles, actual interviews with real world students, and even some harsh facts about the negatives of online learning.

Real Life Experience

At Your Online Degree, you will benefit from the real life experience of online students and faculty. And, you can know that we pull no punches. What we mean is that, sure, we think online education is pretty great, or we would not have developed a website to help others learn about it. However, our site is not online students success articles alone, we also provide honest information on online learning. For example, we have written about the fact that little research has been done on the credibility of online education and we have written extensively on the disadvantages of learning online (read, “The Top 5 Disadvantages of Online Learning”). We also break open the myths of online education and bring you the truth (read, “I Hear I Can Get Free Online Education Financial Aid; is This True?”). We also tell you how you can sometimes get credit for online degrees based on experience.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It – Check these Out!

Our online students success articles are all based on fact and experience. But, we have also taken it a step further. Here at Your Online Degree we want to give you the latest information in online education from accreditation to financial aid, and particularly including the perceived credibility. So, we have recently embarked on a series of articles interviewing actual students to get you real-world information.

Check out some of our online students success articles, including:

· “For Gifted Students Online Learning is an Easy A”

· “Be Successful with Online Learning: Interview with a Student”

· “The Truth about Online Learning: Interview with a Student”

· “How to Succeed in Online Learning: Interview with Professor”

In addition to these online students success articles, we have embarked on an actual research study, just for you. We have contacted various governmental, educational and private sector leaders to solicit their input on the reputation and experience of online education. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to get the results of our research project and stay abreast of the latest in online education.

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