Choosing Among the Online Nutrition Degree Programs: Some Food for Thought

You might be wondering if online nutrition degree programs are available. The answer is definitely yes. It is possible to earn your degree without leaving your home. Study from your home office, attend lectures in cyberspace, and even meet fellow students through your keyboard. You can find nutrition degree programs at several universities through distance education programs.

What is Available?

With all professions, there are several types of degrees that can prepare you for varying positions…certificates, associate, bachelor or master degrees.

If your education budget is limited, you can earn a nutrition certificate that can prepare you for some entry-level positions. These will typically be in the food service arena as a food prep or an assistant in a hospital kitchen.

If you can dedicate time and money to a bachelor degree, your career options will increase. Bachelor online nutrition degree programs prepare you for a career working in a hospital, a university or school system, in a weight management clinic, or more. You can expand your marketability by becoming a Registered Dietitian through the American Dietetic Association.

Master online nutrition degree programs educate those who want to become administrators in the nutrition field or who want to specialize in a particular area of nutrition such as clinical nutrition, food allergies, infant/child nutrition, and more.

Who Offers Online Nutrition degree programs?

As online education becomes more prevalent, new programs become available practically each school year. While traditional brick and mortar schools have many nutrition degree options, online schools are gaining ground and making it easier for students like you to earn your degree. Read more to learn who is offering what.

Several schools offer online programs that allow you to earn a nutrition certificate. You can earn a sports nutrition certificate from either Huntington College of Health Sciences or Penn Foster Career School. Ashworth College offers a career diploma in nutrition, diet, and health science. And Brandman University has an undergraduate certificate program in nutrition and wellness.


If you have a little more money in your budget, you can pursue an online associate degree in applied nutrition from Huntington College of Health Sciences.

Bachelors and Masters

The following schools offer bachelor and master degrees in nutrition. Although the costs are higher for these online degrees, obtaining a higher degree will likely earn you a higher wage and make you a more suitable candidate in areas where the competition is steep.

· Kaplan University (Bachelor)

· Huntington College of Health Sciences (Bachelor and Master)

· New York Chiropractic College (Master)

· University of Massachusetts (Umass Online) (Master)

· Texas Women’s University (Master)

· Huntington College of Health Sciences (Master)

Which Degree Do You Want?

It can be hard to choose among the top online degree programs. Now that you can see that there are several options available in online nutrition degree programs, you will need to narrow down your choices by determining your goals. The best ways to determine which degree you need will be to talk to school advisors and, if possible, perform some informational interviews with people who currently hold the job that you would like to do someday. And as your studies progress, don’t rule out internships and co-op positions. All of this can lead you to a successful career in a nutrition field.

Are you enrolled in an online nutrition degree program?

Tell other students which one you chose and why.