So WhatÂ’s Available for an Online Wildlife Biology Degree?

It is needless to tell you that earning an online masters degree in biology is a great accomplishment. It can advance your career, open the doors to great research resources, and provide great personal satisfaction. But how can you afford it?

With tuition prices rising much faster than the rate of inflation, it costs more to get your degree today than it did ten years ago. And if you put it off until you think you have enough money, you will create a false economy because the cost of tuition is increasing much faster than the average salary. So it might just be wise to hunker down and invest in your degree now so that you can earn more faster with the advanced education.

So the question about getting an online degree remains, how can I pay for my online masters degree in biology? There are many resources available to students studying biology. But you will have to apply what you learned about research to find them. Like with biology sometimes what your are looking for is hidden. You have to systematically dig to unearth the source.

General Resources
As an undergraduate you might have learned one very important lesson. You have to use as many resources as you can to accomplish your goals. And the same applies for your online masters degree in biology. You might not be able to count on one resource, so you will have to combine your resources to reach your goal. And, as with an undergraduate degree, the first place you should look is through the federal government.

If you were fortunate enough to have your undergraduate degree paid for without worry then you might not have experience applying for federal aid. To be considered for aid in the form of a grant, scholarship, or loan from the U.S. government, you have to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You will need to provide some personal information about yourself as well as your family so that the government can determine the amount of money you personally can devote to your education. Then it will be determined if you qualify for a grant or scholarship which you don't have to pay back, or a loan, which you do have to pay back.

Specific Resources
As a biology student there are some specific resources you can find that give money particularly to biology students.

Most universities have benefactors that contribute scholarship money to students of those institutions. A Capella University graduate might offer scholarship money to a Capella student. A school's alumni association often has scholarship programs available.  A great place to look would be your university's biology program office or the school's financial aid office. Foundations also target specific schools to give money to and your biology department should have information on the application process.

Additionally, many biology organizations and associations set aside money for students who are pursuing an online masters degree in biology. Here are a few examples:

·         National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

·         American Academy of Underwater Sciences

·         Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

·         National Rifle Association

·         National Fish and Wildlife Association

By joining an association not only will you benefit from the "inside information" and networking opportunities available, you might be privy to some sources of tuition money that you might not otherwise find. Some associations have special rates for students to make it more affordable and sometimes you will find members within the organization that are willing to assist you with your online masters degree in biology or offer you internships or research projects.

Are you planning on getting an online masters degree in biology?

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