Do Prestigious American Universities Offer Online Marketing Degrees?

While online marketing degrees are spreading like wildfire, they have yet to reach most of the prestigious American universities. Also, while it is hard to get a job with an online degree, it is hard to get a job with any degree; it Is important that you choose your school and program well.

Ivy League Online?

When it comes to prestige, topping the list are the Ivy League schools. And though the youngest of these schools is 145 years old, these fossils are slowly joining the 21st century and addling online programs to their educational options. However, none of the Ivy League colleges - Brown University, Columbia University , Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, or Yale University - offer online marketing degrees.

Beyond the Ivy Covered Walls

Further reviews of prestigious American schools turned up very little by way of online marketing degrees or even courses for that matter. Here are a few samples:

·         New York University - No

·         Stanford University - No

·         University of Michigan - No

Are There Any Options?

While there are no complete degree programs from prestigious universities offered online, there are two offerings available.

Boston University

The prominent Massachusetts school Boston University offers an online Graduate Certificate in International Marketing through the Boston University Metropolitan College. This certificate is geared towards students enrolled in Boston University's Master of Science programs. Certificate requirements consist of four courses including the following:

·         Innovative Marketing Techniques

·         Market and Economic Research and Analysis

As well as two additional courses from the following choices:

·         Integral Marketing Communications

·         Doing Business in Mexico and Latin America

·         Doing Business in Western and Eastern Europe

·         Doing Business in the Middle East

·         Doing Business in Asia and Pacific Basin Nations

Penn State

Penn's State's degree is actually a bachelor of science in business with a marketing and management option. There are several great universities that offer business degrees with a concentration in marketing but it is difficult to find one that offers the package online. Penn State's program requires over 100 credit hours in general studies, core business courses, and electives. Plus a marketing and management student will take 18 credit hours in specialized classes for that subject matter. He or she will learn about sales techniques, and global and small business marketing.

Don't Let the Dream Die

So maybe you can't combine your dream of attending an Ivy League school and getting an online marketing degree. You can still get an incredible education from one of the many schools that do offer online marketing degrees. And who knows, by the time you complete your degree, get a little bit of work experience under your belt, and are ready to move on to that advanced marketing degree, maybe the Ivy League will be ready for you with an online program.

In fact, by the time you are ready to move on, chances are there will be a new set of prestigious universities topping the lists. With the advantages that online schools offer, they might just knock the old Ivy Leaguers off of the field.

Are you enrolled in an online marketing degree program?

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