But I Don't Speak Chinese: Can I Succeed with an Online International Business Degree?

An online international business degree can put you at the forefront of today's global market. With advancements in technology the world has become smaller and the reach of a single small business has expanded. As an up-and-coming businessperson, the whole world is your stage.

But maybe you have never ventured far from the town that you were raised in. And maybe you never grasped a foreign language beyond a few vocabulary words. Will you be able to make a career in the international business arena? You bet!

Get the Knowledge You Need
As a student working toward an online international business degree, you will study all of the facets of a business degree from accounting to marketing to venture capital finance and more. Plus you will learn how all of those subjects relate on a global platform. Your courses will also provide insight to the following topics:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • International Regulations
  • Regional Business Concerns
  • International Politics
  • Ethics in the Global Economy

Imagine It and Do It
As your online international business degree will teach you, the buzzwords in today's business world are "expanding markets". While most industries have a major division that concentrates on business at home, they also have a division or divisions that concentrate on developing business in new markets. There is great growth in former third world countries and China has pushed forward not only as a manufacturing country but more recently as a country of consumers. Smart businesses are learning how they can market to the new consumers in areas such as these.

The following industries are establishing major international presences and looking for graduates, particularly at the bachelor and master levels:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Customer Service

Your online international business degree can prepare you for the following position samples:

  • International Business Development Manager
  • International Business Manager
  • International Business Operations Manager
  • Merchandise Manager - International
  • Regional Project Manager

From Small Towns to International Maps
Don't be intimidated by the breadth of scope encompassed by international business. Your degree will prepare you to enter the market with knowledge and confidence.

English is the international business language and therefore you will be interacting with others who speak English. Additionally, just because your job title might say "international" you may or may not be required to travel. Many international business professionals work in a single location and telecommute around the world or they work with liaisons who travel. 

On the occasions that you will be traveling, it is standard practice to use local assistants to help you. For example, if it is within your company's budget, you will use drivers and interpreters from your destination to make your trip run smoothly.

If you are placed in a position where you live abroad, you will generally be given training by your company, have assistance within the country you are assigned, and have a network of peers nearby. An international assignment has many advantages such as learning firsthand about another culture and making friends with new neighbors. With an online international business degree you can be prepared for these exciting opportunities and, in fact, land you one of the highest paying jobs with an online degree.

How has an online international business degree changed your view of the world?

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