As Online Degrees become More Common They become More Prestigious

Online Degrees

When I started my first degree online nearly 15 years ago most people had never even heard of online education. I remember telling people that I was earning my online degree in business and they would just look at me, blinking rapidly, seemingly trying to comprehend my words. Most people at that time had no idea what online learning might look like, and to be honest, they were quite suspicious that I was simply "buying" a worthless piece of paper. Fortunately, my boss was somewhat more forward thinking and was very encouraging of my endeavor. They even agreed to pay for part of my online degree program; I was very fortunate. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages of distance learning education. But at least lack of credibility is not one of the disadvantages.

The World Opens Its Eyes to the Benefits of Online Degrees

In the 15 years since I earned my first online degree, many businesses have come around and embraced online degrees as a great way of learning in our modern time. Many large companies are supporting their employees by financing their online education. Even the United States government is encouraging their military enlistees to attend online universities - turns out that online learning is not just great for your average working adult, it is a fabulous way for traveling military members to get a college education. 

Various Companies Embrace the Information Age

Today, a number of companies are not only supportive of online education, apparently recognizing it as rigorous and useful, but they are actually helping their employees to finance their online degrees. Among these companies are Boeing, the aircraft building company, and General Dynamics, one of the largest U.S. defense contractors. In addition to these large transportation and defense corporations, other employers are starting to recognize that online degrees have come of age. They know that many of these programs are accredited, in the same way that any traditional state funded college is accredited. They also recognize that online learning imparts the same knowledge as traditional learning, but actually can have the added benefit of demonstrating that an employee is self-motivated, self-directed and proactive.

Selling Online Degrees to Your Employer

Whether you are currently employed and hoping to move up your corporate ladder, or you plan to be job hunting after you complete your degree, you may find yourself striving to ensure that your boss (or prospective boss) recognizes the value of your education. The best way to do this is to simply speak about your online degree as the valuable degree that it is. When you tell your boss that you are going to school, or recently completed your degree, do not simply say that you earned such and such degree online; provide some detailed information. Say that you just completed your degree in whatever online. That this was a rigorous program which required you to take courses in this and that. And explain that you learned this skill and that skill. Speak with confidence and showcase a few of your skills with buzz words from the field and your boss is sure to recognize the value of online degrees, and be suitably impressed with your own knowledge and education.

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