Associates, Bachelor's and Master's - Oh My! Understand the Value of the Various Levels Available with an Online Degree in Marketing

If you are considering an online degree in marketing you probably want to know what your odds are of landing a solid job after you put in all the hard work and graduate. If you go to a popular job search engine such as and do a search for jobs with "marketing" in the title you will see that well over 1,000 full time jobs will come up. There are a ton of marketing jobs out there, at various levels of the corporate ladder. If you read the full descriptions on a sampling of these jobs you will see that a variety of jobs exist and that all degree levels are sought after. Perhaps surprisingly, a large number of marketing jobs listed do not specify any education requirements at all, relying more on skills and experience.

Despite the fact that so many jobs exist, it is important to recognize that, though thousands of marketing jobs are out there, there are perhaps millions of applicants for those jobs. Across the country the job market today is fierce and it takes experience, drive and education to stand out above the other applicants. You can get an undergraduate degree online, which includes associate's and bachelor's. Or, you can get a graduate degree online, which includes master's and PhD. If you are considering earning an online degree in marketing, consider the following as you choose your terminal degree level:

Associate's Online Degree in Marketing

The associate's degree is a two year degree which basically gives you an introduction into the world of marketing. This level of degree can be effective for some people who feel they truly have the natural marketing talent to make it without an advanced degree, but who recognize that at least some level of education is required to fill out their resume and to give them at least a little formal training to build their experience on. Earning such a degree can also be an option for someone who expects to work just part time or at a low level of marketing, perhaps as a secretary in a marketing firm.

Bachelor's Online Degree in Marketing

The bachelor's degree is perhaps the most common terminal degree for most people employed in marketing. A search of reveals that the vast majority of middle and high level marketing jobs want applicants to have at least a bachelor's degree. This degree with provide you with solid marketing skills to build on and enough education to rise pretty high up the corporate ladder of most marketing departments if you have the natural skill and drive.

Master's Online Degree in Marketing

A master's degree in marketing can really help you stand out above the pack. This degree can show that you are serious about your career. It can also provide you an even deeper understanding of marketing research which is essential for high level marketing executives. A search on Monster reveals that many high level marketing jobs list a bachelor's degree as required, but a master's degree as preferred. Simply put, this degree can open doors that associate's and master's cannot.

PhD Online Degree in Marketing

While I have a PhD and think that being a doctor of philosophy is great, the truth is that few marketing jobs actually require a PhD. If you aspire to levels of CEO, President, Chairperson or other high level leadership positions, a PhD might be a good idea. Also, if you hope to teach at some point in your career a PhD will probably be required. Otherwise, a master's is probably all you really need.

What level of degree are you thinking you want to pursue?

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