Get Ahead with an Online Degree in Business Administration

As the saying goes, the world of business can be a dog eat dog world. However, an online degree in business administration can help ensure that you are the predator and not the prey, putting you at the top of the pack for the best entry level jobs and the most upward mobility. As you consider an online degree, read our section "Preparing for Online Education" to learn about choosing the right school and program, and even financing your education. But also remember the following four keys to finding a job with your online degree in business administration.

Key #1: Learn all that is Learnable

The most important reason to get a degree is to learn. Thus, it is important that you do more than simply go through the motions of your education, you need to really pay attention and dedicate yourself, ensuring that you truly learn what is presented to you in your online degree in business administration. Be a proactive learner. Commit yourself. Let me be blunt here; I have a brother who just graduated with his bachelor's degree in psychology. I said that someone was a narcissist and he asked me what the meant. Really? I degree in psychology and he doesn't know what a narcissist is (it is a person who is concerned only with themselves, by the way)? Talk about just "getting by;" he is obviously in no way prepared to go on with a career in psychology. Don't let this happen to you.

Key #2: Create a Portfolio

Throughout your online degree in business administration you should be collecting your work to show off your learned skills. This is particularly true if you are earning a bachelor's level degree and have little work experience. With online degrees life experience can be important, so if you lack this you need a portfolio. A portfolio that you create during your studies can be a great way to really showcase your knowledge. If you are competing for an entry level job with other people, and you have a portfolio but they do not, you will really shine above the rest. Read our article, "What Type of Portfolio Can I Create During My Business Management Degree Online" for more details on using your portfolio to land a good job.

Key #3: Work with Your School's Career Center

A smart person knows how to take advantage of available resources. Most likely your school has a career center; use it. Once you are done with your degree online in business administration, the career center will help you develop your resume, fine-tune your portfolio, prepare for an interview, write cover letters and thank you letters and so much more.

Key #4: Show Your Dedication

When you get out in the job market, be dedicated. Looking for a job should be your job. Be proactive, go door to door if you have to. Hand a paper copy of your resume to everyone. Keep your portfolio with you at every job interview. Send thank you notes after an interview. Be proactive and make yourself stand out and your online degree in business administration will result in a good paying job in no time.

Are you working in business? Why do you feel a degree is important?

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