You Can Find Scholarships for an Online Degree in Biology

An online degree in biology is an excellent education. It has all of the advantages of an education at a traditional school and more…you get to "go" to class in your kitchen or on your back deck. You just can't beat that.

When I discuss my online classes with friends who went to a brick and mortar school, they sometimes ask if I feel like I am getting good education. My reply…of course. Then I proceed to tell them about how I attend classes without leaving my home. And how I meet other students from far away places. And how my program is accepted at par with similar programs from traditional schools, right down to the scholarship opportunities.

You may wonder yourself, "is getting financial aid and scholarships for an online degree in biology different from an on-campus school?" The answer is no. Accredited online colleges give you the same scholarship eligibility as accredited on-campus colleges.

Pick the Right School
Now you might have noticed that word "accredited". It is pretty important in the scholarship world. Accreditation is the method that a college goes through to prove that it is providing its students with a quality education. During this process, an outside party, called an accreditor, evaluates the college and determines if it meets a certain level of standards. Once the school is awarded accreditation, you can be assured that you will get a great deal of value from that institution. If you fear that online degrees are worthless, choosing an accredited school can set your mind at ease.

Knowing that the your college offers you an accredited online degree in biology, you can confidently apply for a scholarship without being turned down for your choice of institution. You see, among many of the requirements for being considered for a scholarship is that you will use the money at a quality institution.

Find the Scholarship
So, where can you get a scholarship for your online degree in biology? The first place you should look is in the financial aid office of the school you are going to attend, or within the department of your biology program. Scholarships are often offered by former students of the school or by alumni associations.

Additional sources of scholarship money come from your community. Are you a member of a local club, such as the Lions Club International, or do you volunteer for a community organization? Check with their offices, they may have general scholarship opportunities that you can apply to your online degree in biology.

As a biology major, you might be able to find a scholarship that is being offered specifically to a biology student. As mentioned previously, you school's biology department will know if there is a biology scholarship opportunity. Additionally, there are numerous associations and organizations that are related to the field of biology that offer assistance to biology students. Here are a few examples:

·         American Academy of Underwater Sciences

·         Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program

·         National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

·         National Fish and Wildlife Association

·         National Rifle Association

·         Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Don't forget to check with your employer, or your parents' employers. Some companies, especially large corporations, offer tuition assistance and scholarships for employees and family members. A call to the human resources department might lead you to a great source for scholarship money for your online degree in biology.

Are outside sources contributing to your online degree in biology?

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