Building Leadership Skills Must Be Part of All Online Business Management Degrees

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When you think of the term leadership, you probably don't immediately think of getting an online degree. You might think about whom some great leaders are that you know of. You may think of great historical figures, such as George Washington or Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. You might think of the CEO at your company or the minister at your church. You may even have some famous leadership quotes spring to mind about how leaders are born and not made, or that a great leader is also a servant to those he or she leads. What you may not realize is that developing leadership skills is an important part all online business management degrees, and that possessing leadership skills is important for every level of jobs in any business management position, even if you do not specifically aspire to high level corporate leadership.

What is a Leader?

Contrary to the quote above, a leader is not born a leader. Sure, as with many things, leadership develops from both nature and nurture. But a good leader must have a desire to lead, make an active decision about how they will lead, and must engage in effective leadership practices. The best leader does so in a way that is thoughtful, ethical and committed to the best interests of those they are leading.

 In the business world, we lead in a variety of ways, sometimes leading entire corporations, but more often leading small teams or initiatives. Everyone is called upon to lead in some way at one time or another, no matter their profession, thus it is imperative that all business management degrees focus on developing leadership skills.

What Jobs Require Leadership?

When you think of leadership jobs you probably first think about high level leadership positions, such as CEO, CFO or President. Certainly these positions require more leadership ability than any other skill. But leadership is also needed at various levels of every company. Most business leaders today function on a much smaller level, leading work teams or even temporary projects. Even a secretary must have leadership skills to work with suppliers and customers. No job is untouched by the need to lead. Certainly if you want to truly excel in your field and move ahead, leadership skills are invaluable.

How Can Online Business Management Degrees Develop Leadership Skills?

Online business management degrees develop leadership skills in two ways. First, they usually include a course in leadership. In such a course you will examine various theories of leadership. This will help you see what strong points various methods of leading have, and which seem to best suit both your personality and the needs of your workplace. Second, you will get to practice leadership in many of your online degrees in business management courses, through group projects, where you will take turns being both leader and follower, each side revealing important aspects of leadership to you.

Do you have a relatively low level job, yet still need to exhibit leadership skills regularly?

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