Choosing a DBA: Moving Ahead with Your Online Business Administration Degree

Online Business Administration Degree

In our globally based economy, competition for top level jobs has become more fierce than ever before. To truly advance and move yourself up the corporate ladder into a plush, window filled senior office requires dedication, knowledge, and likely, an advanced degree. With an online business administration degree, particularly an accredited Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), you can make yourself stand out above the crowd with both leadership skills, business knowledge and the title "doctor" in your name.

What Is a DBA?

The DBA is a professional doctorate, a type of graduate level degree that operates on a practitioner - scholar type model, emphasizing real-world skills and experience. The United States Department of Education recognizes the DBA as a type of professional doctorate that is equivalent to the more traditional PhD. When researching an online business administration degree you will find yourself having to choose between a PhD in business administration and a DBA.

Why Choose a DBA?

The DBA is a good choice if you are more concerned with developing your practical skills, above and beyond your research skills. You can typically enroll in a DBA program once you have a master's degree in business (or a related field) from an accredited university. The DBA is just as prestigious as the traditional PhD; in fact, the ivy league Harvard Business School and  the prestigious Boston University School of Management both offer both the PhD and the DBA.

Choosing a DBA can be the best option when you know that you do not intend to teach, but rather wish to focus your energy on the corporate world. Also, the DBA is a great choice for a working adult who is maintaining their full time job while also pursuing their online business administration degree. In this way the practice based approach of the DBA can be complimented by your professional career on a daily basis. In fact, the DBA is one of the top online degree programs.

Prepare for Success

If you are already working in the business world and you want to advance your business and leadership skills in preparation for moving your way up to the top of the totem pole at your company, an online business administration degree can be just the ticket. In fact, the online DBA could be your best choice to ensure that you learn solid skills that are directly and immediately applicable to your daily workplace. Furthermore, as a working professional and DBA student together, your education and career will play off each other, making you both a more effective student and more effective employee at the same time - no waiting necessary. While the DBA will not provide you with as much research education and experience as the traditional PhD in business, you will learn to be a consumer of researcher, becoming aware of what is being done in your field and how you can take what others are researching and turn it into practice to improve your own workplace.

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