Teach Biology at Any Level with an Online Biology Master Degree

As with most fields of study, with an online biology master degree you have three options for a career path: practice in some specific area, research or teaching. Many people with an online biology master degree will work in various fields that require biology education. A biology degree can result in a job at a medical laboratory, hospital, zoo, marine aquarium and so much more. With a biology degree you can even go on to medical school and become a doctor, or a veterinarian. With an online biology master degree you can also work in a variety of research institutions or in product development, from researching cancer cures to anti-aging technology, a world of opportunity is open to you. Of course, you can also teach at a variety of levels if you have an online biology master degree. Let's explore this option, since I obviously think teaching is a pretty neat job.

Teaching Graduate Level Adults

With an online biology master degree you can teach at many institutions at the master's degree level; of course, you would need a PhD to teach doctoral level, and some schools may require a PhD to teach master's level. By teaching adults pursuing a graduate degree you would have a relatively attentive audience, one who usually does their homework as they are mature and motivated to do well and learn the material, in addition to simply passing the course. Also, at this level people are intending to practice in the field of biology, so they usually are quite dedicated. Teaching adults can be very rewarding… trust me, I know.

Teaching Undergraduate Level

You can also teach undergraduate level with an online biology master degree, particularly in a local community college. There can be some challenges to teaching in a community college at the associates or bachelor's degree level. Specifically, you will have a varied student body. Some of your students will be adults who are going back to school and are highly motivated to learn. However, while the motivation will be there the natural aptitude for biology may not be, as biology is a general requirement for most degree programs and thus everyone from history majors to premed will be in these courses. The greater challenge may be the younger students, some of whom will be fresh out of high school, not yet having developed a true desire to do well in school.

Teaching High School or Grade School

With an online biology master degree you can be a substitute teacher in many high schools, usually without a teaching certificate. This can be a great way to dip your feet into the waters of teaching. But to actually teach high school or grade school science you will probably need your online biology master degree as well as a teaching certificate which can take two additional years to earn.

Using Your Teaching to Save on Your Student Loans

One last point about the value of using your online biology master degree to teach: if you teach in a public school you may be able to get rid of your student loans. That's right, the federal government has recently created the income based repayment plan for Federal Stafford Loans. On this plan your loan payments are based off how much you earn. And, if you are a teacher, whatever you have not paid after 10 years is forgiven. So, if you pursue one of the online degrees from major universities or any online school, then you teach, you could get your education almost for free.

Are you teaching with a biology degree at any level?

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