the World: Get an Online Bachelor Degree in Biology

So you want to use an online bachelor degree in biology to make an impact on the world. As an ecologist you can enter an exciting and admirable profession.

Before I sat down to write down this article, I drank a cold beverage out of a plant-based plastic bottle that is better for the environment than traditional bottles. It was through the efforts of ecologists that such a bottle was recognized as a need. And ecologists were at the forefront of educating the public about the negative impact of traditional bottles. So now I can feel a little better about the beverage I am drinking because it isn't as damaging to the environment as it used to be, thanks to ecologists.

What Will You Learn
An online bachelor degree in biology can help prepare you for the wide range of positions you can hold as an ecologist. Ecology, a subset of biology, is the study of the relationships among organisms, and the impact between organisms and the environment. During your undergraduate degree online in biology some of the buzzwords you will hear often are words that we all hear more and more through the public relations efforts of ecologists.

·         Life Processes - excretion, growth, movement, nutrition, reproduction, respiration, and sensitivity

·         Biodiversity - the number and variety of organisms within an ecosystem

·         Ecosystems - the shared environment of organisms

Within the last two to three decades, there have been many news stories, education campaigns, and community and global efforts to improve our shared ecology. We all are becoming more aware that as humans we impact ecosystems through our actions and inactions. As an ecologist you will help continue that mass education effort so that we maintain the world in which we live.

As a student of ecology, you can focus your online bachelor degree in biology toward one of several important areas. You can concentrate your studies on topics such as…

  • Conservation

·         Natural Resource Management

·         Agricultural Biology

  • Forestry
  • Fisheries

·         Wildlife Management

·         Wetland Management

Additionally, your studies can relate to more human-related topics such as…

·         Community Health

·         Social Interaction

·         Urban Ecology

Continuing Your Education
Your online bachelor degree in biology can put you on a path to an entry-level position in the ecology field such as a researcher. The degree can also prepare you for an advanced education in ecology. Coursework for advanced degrees can include the following:

·         Plant Ecology

  • Symbiosis

·         Population Dynamics

·         Wildlife Biometrics

·         Soil Ecology

·         Agricultural System Ecology

·         Forestry Geography

·         Animal Behavior

  • Sociobiology

Money and More
As an ecologist you will experience many personal rewards from knowing that you are helping restore our earth for our children. Additionally, your monetary reward potential could also be satisfying. According to the United States Department of Labor, ecologists working for the federal government earned an average salary of $84,283. However, many ecologists work for non-profit organizations which typically pay slightly less.

For those with academic interests, a masters or doctorate in ecology can qualify you for a position within a university. Not only will you prepare future ecologists to continue the tradition of maintaining our world, you will have the many resources that universities provide at your fingertips for your ecological interests.

Tuition Resources
Financial aid through grants, scholarships, and loans are available for an online bachelor degree in biology for those who are qualified. Additionally, if you do choose to pursue an advanced degree, research assistantships and teacher assistantships are possible. Some universities might have graduate fellowships available as well.

Thanks Ecologists!
Now that I am done with this article, I am going to go wash my hair. Thanks to ecologists, I will use a plant-based product that is stored in a recyclable bottle made from 80% post-consumer goods. Thanks ecologists!

Will you use your online bachelor degree in biology to pursue a career in ecology?

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