Understand What You Can Do with an Online Associate Marketing Degree - and What You Can't Do

Are you considering an online associate marketing degree? If you're gung-ho for a career in marketing, you know you have the necessary outgoing personality, and you have a head for creativity as well as numbers, then this might be the option for you. In fact, marketing is one of the top online degree programs. So how should you begin? Take a look at your options for first earning an online associate marketing degree, then moving on to more.

Instant Gratification

The first 39 - 73 credit hours you take at a 4-year institution (depending on your specific school's requirements) will fall in the category of general studies. That means that they will cover topics not necessarily within your field. If marketing classes are in hot demand at your school, those students who have declared their major and are deep into their marketing studies will get first option at enrolling the very marketing classes you want to take. You could be put on a waiting list for those desirable classes. While pursuing an online associate marketing degree, you will more likely be able to jump right into marketing classes without delay.

If you know you definitely want to study marketing, you don't want to lose that focus, and you want to incorporate that subject into your curriculum as soon as possible, an online associate marketing degree might be a good choice. By merging your career focused classes with your general studies courses you can keep your enthusiasm up and take advantage of other benefits…

Preparing Your Portfolio

….okay, remember those general studies classes, the ones that don't seem to apply to your career. You can actually take advantage of those classes by applying your marketing knowledge to the homework assignments, and then use those assignments as pieces for your portfolio. Yep, your gonna need a portfolio of work samples to get that marketing job. And when you are a student, the first place where you create work samples is in your classes.

So you have to write a research paper for English Composition. Why not research and write about the impact of e-marketing on the tourism industry? Or maybe you have to give a presentation for your social science class. How about a presentation on the social impact of a famous marketing campaign? You could even write a history essay describing the first uses of marketing in your city or state. With a little creativity, which all marketers have - including you - you can apply your marketing prowess to many other classes.

But keep reading there's more…..

Getting into the Field as Soon as Possible

… so you want to get on a fast track to a marketing career. You may intend to complete a 4-year degree but you are yearning to work in the field a.s.a.p. And aside from that desire, you are counting on getting a job to fund the rest of your education…and you want that job to be a marketing job. With an online associate marketing degree you can qualify for an entry-level job while moving on to earn your 4-year degree at the same time. Just think how you can build your portfolio with actual work samples.

Don't Limit Yourself

So we've established that an online associate marketing degree is a great start. But there can be limitations to this. If you stop your education at the associate's level, you might limit your professional self. Don't stop there.

If you want to be a seriously successful marketer, you will learn that you need to make yourself more "marketable". So how will you do that? By going beyond that online associate marketing degree. The answer is to stay on your educational track and finish out a 4-year degree in marketing. You should be able to apply the credits you earned as an associate's student to your bachelor's degree. However, it is wise to check with the institutions you go to in order to make sure your credits transfer.  Before you sign up for your first marketing class you will want to lay a plan so that you don't end up retaking a class just because the credits did not transfer.

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