Get Pumped, Get Prepped, An Online Associate Degree in Business Gets You There

If you ask a CEO if an online associate degree in business is enough, he might say "not quite". This could lead you to wonder, "is it hard to get a job with an online degree?" But if you ask a small business person if an associate business degree online is enough, the answer might be "absolutely yes". Both will agree the degree is great training, but the difference is in the destination.

You Have to Start Somewhere

Even the CEO knows there are great benefits to getting that online associate degree in business. He or she knows that we all have to start somewhere. And some of us have to secure a job sooner rather than later to make ends meet. So it is a wise endeavor to get some education under your belt in order to get a job.

Your associate degree in business will teach you a lot. You will learn the essential basics in the following topics.

  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Communications
  • Computer Science

There's quite a lot of information provided in each of these classes. You will learn about the theory and practical application of each of these topics.

Applying Your Education Now
If you earn an online associate degree in business, you will be more qualified for many positions than if you only had a high school diploma. Many employers need to find someone that already has applicable knowledge. There is little time or resources for training programs and employers need people that can do the job with little guidance. Your online associate degree in business could prepare you to be productive in a new position from day one.

Additionally, if your goal is to start a small business, an online associate business degree can give you a solid foundation for entrepreneurship. Whether you have one employee or thirty-nine, the information you will learn will apply.

Let's take a look at the business topics that were outlined previously in this article and see how they can be used right now.

Accounting - processing payroll or perform accounts payable

Business Law - relate to other employees, hire and fire employees in your small business, with integrity and knowledge of the laws that govern employment

Marketing - know how you want to brand your company or product; set goals for advertising; get publicity from local news sources

Economics - understand how your company fits into the big picture; is your company viable in the current climate; where should you invest your small business' resources

Management - manage the employees of your small business; manage your projects and relationships with vendors that support your product or service

Communications - write professionally; speak professionally; give thoughtful and intelligent presentations to prospective clients and investors

Computer Science - purchase hardware and software that is the right capacity for your business; understand the tools that you are using to perform your daily tasks

Laying a Foundation to Advance Your Education

Back to the CEO, he or she will tell you that you need to get an advanced degree to play in their park. If you are in for the long haul and strive to get that 4-year degree, your online associate degree in business gives you a great foundation. You will take the knowledge that you acquired and apply it to more in-depth subject matter while on your journey to a bachelor degree in business, or any other subject for that matter.

As you continue your education you will find that there are many prerequisites that stand between you and those upper level courses. Your associate degree in business online may satisfy the requirements for many of your core business courses.

An online associate degree in business is a win-win proposition. You might find that once you take the challenge you will reap the rewards.

Are you pursuing an online associate degree in business?

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