You Might Qualify for Financial Aid for an Online Associate Degree in Business Management

Earning an online associate degree in business management is a great beginning to a lucrative career. But it does involve some sacrifice in the form of time for class and studying, as well as money for tuition, fees, and other expenses; the cost of an online degree can present a challenge. Will you have time to work to pay your tuition and study as well? Perhaps you can find some alternative ways to pay for that education such as financial aid.


According to the College Board, Annual Survey of Colleges. The average cost for tuition and fees for 2-year degree at a public institution is $2,713. But you can also count on spending an additional $11,924.

When everything is taken into consideration you will need enough money for your online associate degree in business management, and to fund the following items:

1.    Housing

2.    Food

3.    Transportation

4.    Medical Insurance

5.    Entertainment Expenses

Federal Financial Aid

A very common source of tuition assistance comes from the federal government in the form of federal financial aid. Recent financial aid reports indicate that the U.S. awards approximately $150 billion dollars in aid annually.

This money is targeted for students attending accredited schools that meet a minimum of eligibility requirements. There are funds available for people in most income brackets with various levels of need.

You can apply for aid for your online associate degree in business management. It is available in the following formats:

1.    Grants

2.    Scholarships

3.    Loans

4.    Work Study Programs

In order to be considered for federal aid, you will need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA sm).

Other Sources of Aid

There are other sources of aid for those who spend a little time searching and applying for it.

Generous Organizations

Scholarships are offered by private or non-profit sources. Check with your college financial aid office for available scholarships. Inquire about scholarships from clubs, churches, or community groups.  Call or visit the websites of professional business associations to see if they offer student aid.

Your Employer

If you plan on working while earning your online associate degree in business management, find a position with a company that offers tuition assistance. You might qualify for an entry level business position which will allow you to learn on the job, earn a wage, and receive the benefit of tuition assistance.

Parents, family, and Friends

While your parents, family, and friends might not be able to foot the bill or contribute financially to your tuition expenses, you might be able to ask for help in other ways. Can you live with your parents or a family member for the duration of your studies? Maybe you can use a friend's computer, the computers in your school's computer lab or at the public library. Find someone at school with whom you can carpool or ride your bike to school?

Keep on Looking

Don't just look for financial aid for your online associate degree in business management at the beginning of your first year. You can find different sources that offer aid at different times. And just because one source turns you down one semester or term, that source might have different considerations or fewer applicants for the next semester or term.

Do you know of any hidden sources of aid for funding an online associate degree in business management?

Let others know.