Nutrition Online Degree Programs – Worth the Cost

You are interested in nutrition online degree programs. You are intrigued by the science behind our daily meals. You think you are cut out to advise people about their nutritional needs. But can you afford it?

While you cannot get your degree online for free, there are many options for nutrition online degree programs and one of them may fit your goals as well as your budget.


The simplest and least expensive of the nutrition online degree programs are not actually degrees within themselves but are meant to accompany a degree, such as health science or nursing, or to be used independently. These are called certificates. Schools offering certificate programs will give you a foundation in nutrition education with more in-depth information on a particular topic. Here are some nutrition certificate programs available online and their costs.

· Huntington College of Health Sciences: Certificates in Sports Nutrition - $3582 per program

· Penn Foster Career School: Fitness and nutrition certificate - $698 per program

· Ashworth College: Career Diploma in nutrition, diet and health science - $716 per program

· Brandman University: Nutrition and Wellness Undergraduate Certificate - $470 per credit hour


An associate nutrition online degree program will award you with an actual degree. Associate degrees take about two years to complete and are a launching pad for earning a bachelors degree. Your degree will require some general education courses such as English, math, government, and social science in addition to your nutrition courses. This degree will prepare you for a limited number of entry-level positions while a bachelor degree will open up more opportunities to you. An internet search found one school offering an associate nutrition online degree program. Following is the program and its cost.

· Huntington College of Health Sciences: Associate of Science program in Applied Nutrition – $12,139


Bachelor nutrition online degree programs give you more marketability than just a certificate or an associate degree. However, they require approximately four years of commitment and a great deal more money. The following colleges offer nutrition bachelor degrees. The costs are listed as well.

· Kaplan University: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science – $371 per credit hour (x 180 credit hours = $66,780 per program)

· Huntington College of Health Sciences: Bachelor of Health Science program in Nutrition – $25,273 per program


A master nutrition online degree program prepares you for many varied positions in hospitals, clinics, nursing facilities, or through local, state and federal municipalities. Although the cost of a master degree is high, the wages that can be earned are higher than those with bachelor or lower degrees. Following are some of the programs available and their costs.

· New York Chiropractic College: Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition – $560 per credit hour (x 36 credit hours = $20,160 per program)

· University of Massachusetts (Umass Online): Master of Public Health in Nutrition – $575 per credit hour (x 44 credit hours = $25,300 per program)

· Texas Women’s University: Master of Science in Nutrition – $526 per credit hour (x 43 credit hours = 22,618 per program)

· Huntington College of Health Sciences: Master of Science in Nutrition – $11,100 per program

Ready, Set, Get Going

Whatever nutrition online degree programs your budget allows, you should be able to find a program that is right for you. Don’t forget that if you attend an accredited institution, you might be eligible for financial aid. And once you become employed, your employer might offer tuition assistance for an advanced degree.

Are you enrolled in a nutrition online degree program?

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