Our Interview with a Student Online Reveals Tips for Getting Your Degree Fast

So, you have probably been all over the Internet and hopefully all around YourOnlineDegree.com, but you are still a bit nervous about online learning. What you need is to hear some words of wisdom – or perhaps warning – from an actual online student, right?! Well, that’s what we are here for.

For this article I conducted an interview with a student who is in an online program, to give you a feel for what it is really like to learn online. Following is a transcript of this interview with a student, which should answer at least a few of your online education questions very specifically.

Interviewer (Becca): Hi Marty. Thanks for answering some questions for me; our readers would really like to hear about online learning straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say, so having you answer a few questions is really helpful. Can you tell me a bit about the online degree that you are pursuing, and your school (without naming names)?

Student (Marty): Sure, but, did you just call me a horse? (laughs) I’m just teasing. Sure. I’m pursuing my master’s in psychology at a large, entirely online university. I’m currently taking the last course and will begin my last class – the thesis course – soon.

Interviewer: Awesome. So, how long has it taken you and how many courses do you take?

Student: Well, I really wanted to get done quickly. While I do have a full time job and a social life, I don’t have kids, so I had the time to push myself. I took three courses a quarter and got them all done in 12 months. Now I’m taking my last thesis course by itself.

Interviewer: Wow, that was fast! Was it difficult to go that fast.

Student: Yes, actually. (laughs). I really spent a lot of time every day on my work. In my undergraduate program I didn’t really “learn” a lot; I mean, I did my work and got decent grades, but I just sailed through doing the least necessary. Now, I’m a little older and doing well was more important to me, personally. I completed my graduate courses with a 4.0. But, I spent literally hours every day on my courses. I spent lunch doing homework and every evening. Weekends too. It was a lot of work, but so worth it!

Interviewer: Did you decide to earn your masters degree, and were you motivated to earn it so quickly, because your job required it?

Student: (smiles) Definitely not. My current job as a marketing writer could not care less if I have a degree. I just wanted it for me, personally. And, I’m sure someday it will take me somewhere.

Interviewer: Interesting. Now, you earned your undergraduate degree at a traditional brick and mortar school, right? So how does online learning compare?

Student: Yeah, I earned my bachelor’s degree in marketing at a state run university, living in the dorms. I loved it, the experience of campus life. I think every young adult should have that amazing experience. But, now I’m older. I have my friends and a job; I’m not out searching for myself. I just wanted an education. Online learning was so much more convenient – I’d never have been able to push myself to do three courses a quarter if I had to drive to school and sit in class all day; it would have taken up too much time, time that with online learning I spend simply doing my homework.

Interviewer: In your bunny slippers?

Student: I’ve read some of your articles – what is it with you and bunny slippers?

Interviewer: (laughs). I don’t know. Must be an unresolved childhood issue; you’re the psychologist now, you tell me.

Student: (laughing). Well, I’m not a psychologist yet. Still one more class to go.

Interviewer: And with that, we’ll conclude our interview with a student with one more question, then let you get back to your homework. So, what would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning education?

Student: Well,the biggest positive I already told you – time. I was able to do this much faster than would have been possible in a traditional campus based program. Also, I liked it. I liked that when the instructor asked me a question, I had time to think about it and give an intelligent answer, rather than being caught off guard in class and saying something stupid. As for negatives, well, I didn’t really see any negatives, to be honest. Though, I can understand how some people would have trouble procrastinating, if they were not really motivated. But not me; I couldn’t wait to log into class every day!

And there you have it, this brief interview with a student at an online university gives you an inside look into what it is like to earn an online degree. Thanks to Marty for taking time out of a busy schedule to answer my questions. And to you, dear reader, if you have not taken the time to look around YourOnlineDegree, do so. We have some really great information for you.

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