Make a Deposit for Your Future – Earn a Finance Degree Online

If you are wondering what online degrees are acceptable, you should know that nearly all large businesses and corporations employ a person or many people that majored in finance in college. By earning your finance degree online, you can count yourself among them.

Finance Positions

Financial managers hold many positions and have many titles. Common corporate and large business finance positions, according to the United States Department of Labor, are described here.

· Controllers ensure that government regulations are being following in regards to the keeping of financial records and submission of required reports. They also oversee the numerous financial records that, although are not necessarily regulatory requirements, are essential to the operation of the company.

· Credit Managers oversee all activity related to giving credit. They analyze companies that desire credit as well as enforce debt collection.

· Treasurers assist in determining the financial goals of the company and ensure that the goals are being managed well.

· Risk Managers ensure that all financial transactions performed by the company are risk free or that potential losses are kept to a minimum. They secure insurance when needed and employ techniques to combat the fluctuating economy.

· Cash Managers oversee the flow of cash into and out of the company. They maintain receipts and prepare reports based the status of the company’s cash thereby determining its need for credit or loans.

· Managers of International Banking strategize about financial issues that arise due to international economies and markets.

Qualifying for the Job

There are many finance-related degrees available under various titles. You can pursue a finance degree online in the following fields of study:

· Finance

· Accounting

· Economics

· Business Administration

Many positions that are held by finance majors also require the credential of Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Each state has its own requirements for becoming a CPA but typical requirements include the following:

· Bachelor Degree

· One Year of Education in Addition to a Bachelor Degree

· Standard Exam

· Continuing Education Credits

Along with your finance degree online, certification can give you the leading edge over other candidates applying for the same job. If you chose not to become a CPA, other certifications are available in various areas of finance. For example, you can be certified as a financial planner or a financial analyst. Check with a professional association specializing in your area of studies as well as your state’s labor bureau to find out if certification is beneficial for you.

What Else Will You Need To Know

As government regulations have undergone major changes over the last two decades and continue to change during this fluctuating economy, finance students must be adaptive to change. A finance degree online will give you a great foundation regarding current finance methods and practices which you can enhance through continuing education courses in order to keep up with national and international changes.

A good sense of general business practices is a benefit to any finance professional. Since all areas of business (research and development, marketing, human resources, etc) are engaged with the finance departments, you will need to understand the functions of those departments.

Many chief executive officers (CEOs) were once finance majors. And some have a shared title of CEO/CFO (chief financial officer). If your goal is to rule the financial world or at least head up a corporation, then a great start will be to earn a finance degree online.

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