Earn Your Degree Online, or Die Trying

Education is never a waste. I could almost end this article here, because that is the be all and end all of learning. The Japanese have a saying in business and personal life, it is Kai Zen, and it means "continuous improvement throughout life."  When you earn your degree online you are improving yourself; you are learning more, growing your personal knowledge, adding to the personal knowledge of others, and keeping your brain going by building new connections and stimulating growth. You may not realize this, but your brain is a muscle like any other, and if you do not use it then it starts to atrophy. With online degrees lifelong learning is the goal!

Seriously, studies have shown that people who are not mentally active are susceptible to getting Alzheimer's and dementia, both memory loss diseases that devastate one mentally, much sooner than those who keep their brains engaged. So, I'll lay it right out there. Earn your degree online or find other ways to continually keep your brain active when you are older and you will stay mentally alert and happy longer.

The Value of Education

One of the main reasons that people get an education is to get a job. So, if you are older and approaching retirement, presumably already established in your field and doing well, why would you want to earn your degree online? You don't need a degree to keep doing your job. It will not get you a pay raise. But, you cannot help it - you want it! Let me tell you something…

When I decided to earn my masters degree online, I didn't need it. In fact, I had a good job and they didn't care if I had a degree; I had no idea why I wanted it. But I did. I just wanted a master's degree because I knew it would make me feel good. And it did. And, to my shock, it resulted in my being offered my first teaching job - something I had never considered doing before. It changed my life. That is when I first decided that education is never a waste. It makes you feel good, keeps you continuously improving, and you never know when it will do something specific for you.

Moving Forward with Your Life

If you are even reading this article it means you want to earn your degree online. Yep, you are thinking about it. Ask yourself, "Why?" What is it that makes you want to earn a degree, or another degree, or a higher degree, now? Why online? This one is really up to you. You need to spend some time self reflecting on your goals and your reasons. And, weigh those pros and cons. If you want a degree, yet do not feel you need a degree, what is the harm? Is it money? Really? If you can afford it, why not? If you can't afford it then you can probably get financial aid - no, there is no age limit on financial aid! Think about it… if you want to earn your degree online because you think it will make you feel good, then go for it!

Are you an older person, considering a return to school?

Share your reasons and concerns with us.