With a Business Education Online Degree You Can Move into Academia

Business education online degree

The world of business can be an exciting place, but it can also be competitive, exhausting and stressful. After a decade or so in the fast based corporate sector, some people consider a business education degree to help them move out of the intense corporate rat race into the more civilized - and usually less stressful - world of academia. Of course, if you are thinking of moving into the realm of teaching, as visions of summers and weekends off dance in your head, remember that your schedule will vary and that most colleges where you will likely teach have classes year round. Of course, you can always follow my lead and teach online, which is extremely flexible. But wherever you go, moving into academic could be easier if you get a business education online degree. So, you are wondering how can you get a teaching degree online? Read on.

I Am an Experienced Business Person, but I Don't Have a Degree - Can I Teach?

Many colleges today really want to have instructors who are experienced in real world business and practice. Today, the focus of a college education is to get a background in theory, but also to develop firm skills that can be immediately put into practice. Thus, the experienced professional becomes a great choice for college professor. However, while colleges and universities put a lot of emphasis on the experience of their instructors, there is also no substitute for education.

To teach at any accredited college or university you will have to have a college degree at least equivalent to the degree level that you wish to teach at, usually one step higher. In short, if you want to teach at a community college then you need a bachelor's degree, preferably a master's degree. If you want to teach higher than you probably need a PhD. This degree need not be in any specific field, legally, but most schools will want the degree to be in either education or a field very close to what you will be teaching. A good choice is a business education online degree, a degree that you can earn while still working, and which will provide you some foundational business knowledge that you could be lacking as well as some basic understanding of education and teaching.

I Am a Business Person, and I Already Have a Business Degree - Do I Really Need a Degree in Education?

So, you are an experienced, knowledgeable business person, and you already have a bachelor's degree, perhaps in marketing or business. Maybe you even have an MBA. But you wonder, should I earn a business education degree online to improve my chances of finding a job in education? The answer is a resounding, yes. The truth is that teaching is a great gig - if you can get it. At all levels of education, the competition is fierce. There are thousands of schools in the United States, and it would seem that there are a lot of teaching jobs - and there are. But there are millions of people qualified for those jobs. To stand out you need both experience in business and a degree in business, as well as some background in education.

Have you every dabbled in teaching, perhaps as an adjunct professor?

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