The Best Online Finance Degree is Only a Click Away

When it comes to the best online finance degree, there really is no clear choice. If you spend some time online you will learn that University of Phoenix has the largest online finance degree. And Harvard University’s extension program has the most respected business degree, but does not specifically offer a finance specialization. You will also find that both Post University and Ashford University offer two of the best online finance degrees, both schools offering a bachelor’s level degree from an accredited university. But you simply will not find the best online finance degree, because what is the best depends upon your needs.

The Right Decision may be No Degree

Choosing the right degree involves so many moving parts that there can be no single “best online finance degree.” Choosing the best degree for you starts with considerations of the level of degree you wish to pursue. You can earn a finance degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and even doctoral level. For some people, no degree is needed to move up the financial ladder – look at Suze Orman; Ms. Orman is arguably one of the most well known and successful financial counselors in the United States, with her own television show and having sold millions of books about financial management, and she has no degree. In the world of high finance, raw intelligence, attitude, drive and personality can be just as important as any piece of paper.

The Right Program is the One that Meets Your Needs

Of course, in the competitive economy of the 21st Century a college degree really is the smart choice for most people. In finance, usually the best online finance degree is simply a bachelor’s degree, preparing you to enter the workforce and be trainable in almost any position. However, for some people who really want to dig deep and learn the inner workings of a specific area of finance, a master’s level degree might be appropriate. An MBA with a major in finance, or even a PhD, could be a good choice particularly if you aspire to high leadership ranks within a corporation, positions which are highly sought after and very competitive.

Well, Alright, Maybe One is Best

Of course, everything I have just written is perfectly true; the best online finance degree is the one that is best for you. However, I will tell you a little secret; after searching extensively, reading about program after program, I learned that if the name of the school is what makes it best to you, then there is one that stands out above the rest – the ivy league Columbia University. This renowned school does offer an online degree in methods of finance, if you are willing and able to pay the nearly $1,200 per credit hour tuition plus $375 per class in fees. If the cost of an online degree is not an issues, then perhaps Columbia offers the best online finance degree, but it is almost certainly the most expensive.

What school do you think has the best online finance degree?