You Can Have a Secure Job with a Bachelor Degree Online in Paralegal Studies

Earning a bachelor degree online in paralegal studies prepares you to enter the exciting field of law, researching the law, drafting legal documents and so much more. Working as a paralegal you will be working on the sidelines of the justice system, getting information in order.  Many legal tasks must be performed by actual lawyers, for example setting legal fees, actually presenting cases in course hearings, providing legal advice and performing mediation. However, many back-stage tasks are delegated by lawyers to their legal assistant, legal aid or paralegal - all basically different names for the same job.  Getting a job with an online degree requires understanding the job you are interested in first.

What Paralegals Can Do?

As a paralegal you will spend most of your time researching case law and specific facts in individual cases, and drafting various documents related to your lawyer's cases. You will help lawyers in your firm to prepare their opening and closing statements, organize evidence, write questions for trial and hearings, and develop various documents for corporate meetings or other situations. Often you will conduct research on specific legal precedence and decisions, locate legal articles and find whatever informative materials are pertinent to the case at hand.

In addition to finding this information, with a bachelor degree online in paralegal studies you will often be required to organize the information, and perhaps even analyze it, preparing a written report for the attorneys in your firm, providing them the necessary background to decide on their course of action. You will draft client pleas, write course motions, obtain affidavits and in general ensure that the attorneys at your firm have all of the information that they need to serve their clients.

What Environment Will I Work In?

Paralegals work in a variety of environments. You will probably spend the vast majority of your time in a cubicle working at your computer. There you will be conducting research, organizing what you find and preparing it for delivery to the lawyers. You will likely also spend time in an actual law library; believe it or not, lawyers and legal assistants do still need to consult some physical books, even if most of your research is available online. You will also spend time in court, listening and pulling out notes from your files that are applicable to the current activity in the court room. You will spend some time on the telephone, tracking down information, verifying statements from clients and more.

What Will My Day to Day Work Life Be Like?

Asking this question is like asking what life as a doctor or engineer will be like; it can vary so much that it is difficult to say. After you earn your bachelor degree online in paralegal studies you will be qualified to work for the Federal Government, any law firm, insurance companies, and so much more. Where you work and what point of law concerns that agency will determine your basic day. Likely if you choose a Federal Government job most of your days will be spent in your office cubicle in a large county building. You will have your work laid out for you weeks if not months in advance, as these dockets can run so far behind. Your days will mostly be Monday through Friday, the proverbial nine to five. In other areas you can be required to work longer hours depending upon the nature of the job, though usually you can expect to have major holidays off as the court systems are closed.

What made you want to be a paralegal?

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