Online Learning Rocks! Read these 5 Top Advantages of Online Education

There are a variety of advantages to online education, and these advantages seem to grow more important every day in our current world. As you consider whether to embark on an online program, remember the following list of the top 5 advantages of getting an online degree.

1. Online learning is convenient.

Of all the advantages of online education, this is the number one reason that most people embark on virtual learning. Simply put, it is so much more convenient to earn your degree on your own time, in your own space, at your own pace than to sit in a traditional course. Online learning has truly made it possible for working adults to go back to school to earn a degree, and in fact this group represents the main student population in most online programs.

2. Online learning opens doors.

Another one of the advantages of online learning is that virtual education opens doors to schools and programs that you never could have considered before. It used to be that to earn a degree one had to travel perhaps thousands of miles to attend a school who offered that particular degree. Today, there are so many different degrees offered online that it is a bit challenging to find a career that you cannot prepare for from the comfort of your own home. In fact, you can attend Harvard University from the comfort of your couch in Oregon!

3. Online learning is asynchronous.

Not only is online learning convenient and global, but it has no concern for time zones. This means that you can choose to attend an online school in Australia (they have a lot of good ones) from your backyard in New Hampshire. Furthermore, you can be an early bird and do your school work at 5am Easter time, even if your teacher is usually online at 9pm Pacific time. Anytime. Anywhere. Those are the biggest advantages of online learning.

4. Online learning is green

For you granola loving tree huggers out there, online learning is green. You do not have to waste fossil fuels or send ozone destroying greenhouse gasses into the air to get to class. You need just expend a little electricity to run your laptop and modem, but hey, that is probably less power than the classroom lights in the school take! You can even read your books online and save a tree.

5. Online learning lets you learn in your bunny slippers.

So, among the advantages of online learning are convenience, eco friendliness and more, but hey, this is all about you and what you care about is your creature comforts! So, yes, you can earn your online degree while sitting in your bunny slippers or AC/DC t-shirt, on the couch, eating bon-bons all while watching your favorite TV program. What could be more important than that!

The advantages of online education are truly many. Of course, nothing is without its negatives, so be sure to read our article, “The Top 5 Disadvantages of Online Learning.”

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