Online Learning is Great, and Terrible, and Happy, and Sad: 101 Things to Know About Online Learning

Online learning is simply full of positives and negatives, good points and bad, advantages and disadvantages and so much more. This article lists 101 things to know about what makes online learning great, what makes it bad and how to successfully suck up to your online teacher. Take a minute to read on for some truly sage words of wisdom, a few giggles and some real advice.

1. Online learning is convenient.

2. Online learning requires a home Internet connection; do not depend on a library or Net café.

3. Virtual learning is exciting.

4. Online learning allows for great peer to peer interaction.

5. Online learning can seem anonymous and impersonal.

6. You can make online learning more personal by really engaging in online conversations.

7. Online learning is usually asynchronous.

8. Asynchronous means you can work any time you want – no time zone specifications.

9. Online learning is rigorous and challenging.

10. You can participate in your online courses from bed, if you choose.

11. Distance education requires a lot of time.

12. You can chew gum during class and your teacher will never know!

13. You can text in class and your teacher will never know!

14. You can cheat and your teacher… wait, that’s not a good one. Skip this one.

15. Online learning requires a lot of reading.

16. Online learning requires a lot of writing.

17. If you read quickly, you can get one course done in just 2 hours a week sometimes!

18. If you read slowly, you could spend 20 hours a week or more on a single class.

19. Your teacher could be really attractive and it would be lost on you.

20. Your teacher could be really ugly and you won’t care.

21. You can hold a teacher conference call naked!

22. Online courses take about 10-15 hours a week of work.

23. Online courses cost $0 per week in gas.

24. Parking is free for your online course, unless your partner charges you to park in the driveway.

25. Most online learning courses end with a long final paper of 10-20 pages.

26. Some online learning courses require you to take a proctored examination.

27. Online learning is most useful for adult learners who have busy lives.

28. You can listen to your favorite music while you participate in the online course room.

29. You can do your online learning in your comfy old bunny slippers!

30. Online learning requires a lot of time management; you need to learn this in your first course!

So, let’s take a little break here and just marvel, look at how much there is to know about online learning! Certainly, there are 101 things to know about getting your degree online! So, let’s continue.

31. Most online schools have an online library.

32. Most of your research will be done online – no musty, dusty libraries!

33. Online learning courses range from 6 weeks to 16 weeks.

34. Some people think that online degrees are worthless; it’s not true.

35. Did I mention that you can do your online learning in your bunny slippers?

36. Most online schools have a career center to help you find a job when you graduate.

37. Did I mention that you can do your online learning in your bunny slippers?

38. Most online instructors were professionals in their field before they became teachers.

39. Did I mention that you can do your online learning in your bunny… ok, I did. Well, you try to think of 101 things without repeating yourself! Wait… I have another one…

40. Often, your online courses will include free online books!

41. With online learning, you can take your kids to school with you every day.

42. Your online classes will never be closed for snow or hurricanes.

43. Some online teachers can be extremely picky about due dates; schedules must be maintained.

44. Some online teachers can be very flexible; they will even believe that the dog at your homework.

45. You probably never have to print a page.

46. You probably never have to touch a pen or pencil.

47. You will want to have a laptop with a good battery so you can move around a lot.

48. Find a comfortable chair; you’ll be sitting a lot.

49. Online learning can cause eye strain; see your optometrist if your eyes feel fatigued.

50. Use good posture.

51. Stay nourished; low blood sugar decreases your ability to concentrate.

52. When you are reading, pay attention and do not let your mind wander.

53. When you are reading, remember 20-20-20: Every 20 minutes take 20 seconds to look 20 feet into the distance.

54. Drink plenty of water; it’s good for you in 101 ways.

55. Be nice to your teacher; send them a picture of an apple for their computer desktop.

56. Be friendly; use this time to network and make connections for the future.

57. Take frequent breaks.

58. Breathe deeply.

59. Wear comfortable clothes for homework marathons.

60. Do a little work every day.

Alright, I’m going to let you breathe for a minute, before I give you the last, earth shattering 101 things to know about online learning! I’m sure you have noticed that I’m intermixing humorous quips with true important bits of knowledge, so don’t drop off now… read on!

61. Reread course requirements half way through your course.

62. Use your assignment directions as a checklist so you don’t miss anything.

63. Read up about how to use the semi-colon for effective writing.

64. You can log into class in your bunny slippers… wait, I already said this.

65. I know, you can log into class in your giant Mickey Mouse slippers.

66. Always double check that after you post something it actually shows up online.

67. Remember that technology happens… don’t stress.

68. Have a back-up plan if your computer breaks.

69. Have a back-up plan if your network goes down.

70. Avoid distractions; buy some ear plugs.

71. If you need background noise, try movie soundtracks without distracting lyrics.

So, there you have it, 101 things to know about online education, from the value and reputation to the down and dirty of interacting with your peers. OK… I lied. There are only 71; I just couldn’t get to 101 without telling you about bunny slippers 30 more times! However, if you made it through this entire list then you truly know everything that you need to in order to embark on your online education. Well, maybe not, but it is a good start!

Did I miss anything?

Share your experience and let me know what an important thing is that everyone should know about online education.